Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dinosaurs are only 10,000 years old. Official.

I love you Baby T

Scientists from the The Center of Paleontology in Salt Lake City have uncovered a previously undetected flaw in Carbon Dating procedures. Objects that had been  dated at 10 billion years old are in fact only 10 thousand years old.

“It’s a terrible mistake and has discredited scientists everywhere,” explained Professor Beanflicker, Head of the Carbon Dating Machine.

“We’ve always known Carbon Dating was rubbish,” said Pastor Cheeseballs, a born again Christian and committed Creationist. “God made the Earth and everything on it around 10,000 years ago. It says so in the Bible. Irrefutable proof of the truth”

Cheeseballs claims dinosaurs were still around during the time of Jesus. “They were abundant. Jesus himself had a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are references to it everywhere in the Bible,” he explained.

According to Cheeseballs, Saint Paul, who lived in the same condominium as Jesus had a pet Triceratops. The two fell out when their pet dinosaurs got into a fight and Baby Jesus’ T-Rex got killed.

“They didn’t talk to each other for years after that incident,” said Cheeseballs. “It was very upsetting for Jesus.”

Scientists now have to re-write thousands of books written about the subject. And Steven Spielberg is even contemplating changing the name of his famous film Jurassic Park to Christian Petting Park.


  1. was there some acid in the barley??

  2. I really believe dinosaurs are 10,000 years old...